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Electric stairlift at an EXCELLENT PRICE!



Art. 3001 Kangaroo - SAMEC electric stairlift

Trolley - Electric stairlift with tri-lobe rotating traction, designed for the transport of marble slabs-tops, boards, window frames and similar products, capable of climbing any type of ladder reducing the contact of free wheels to the minimum (about 10%) step: during the climb it rests totally on the steps and through special anti-slip teflon pads the grip is secured by keeping the trolley braked and firmly secured. Furthermore, Kangaroo is equipped with a special "revolving" central tiller to facilitate the angular displacement of the material during transport (narrow stairs with landings).




Bike -  two-wheeled trolley for manual transport on flat floors

Tandem: adjustable accessory to securely tighten the material to be transported (boards, tops, plates, doors, windows, etc.)

Additional batteries - greater autonomy (+2 x 12V) double charge



Technical specifications

300 kg of maximum capacity

Machine weight 70 KG

24 V DC electric motor

Absorbed power 0.3 KW

Battery capacity 18 Ah

Max speed 15 steps per minute

Autonomy 1000 steps / 8 hours

Dimensions:  Width 60 cm  -  Length 45 cm  - Height min / max 150/210 cm

Equipment: battery charger  (220 v)




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